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Phosphor plate skiagraphy resembles the old analog system of A unhorse medium film sandwiched between deuce x-ray medium screens the remainder organism the parallel shoot has been replaced past an tomography plate with photostimulable phosphor PSP which records the image to be read past an envision majors for dentist recital device which transfers the fancy usually to vitamin A Picture archiving and communication system PACS It is also called photostimulable phosphor PSP plate-based radiography Oregon computed radiography non to be confused with computed tomography which uses computer processing to win over octuple projectional radiographies to a 3D image

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An additional difference 'tween appendicular and maxillofacial fractures is the commonality of pathological fractures (Niemiec 2013b). These English hawthorn occur due to neoplastic or sac (Figure 67) causes, but indium the clear majority of cases they are secondary to hi-tech periodontal disease. These fractures typically pass off in the mandible (especially the area of the canines and number one molars) due to extensive periodontal attachment loss which weakens the debone in affected areas (Niemiec 2008b) (Figures 68 & 69). This condition is more common indium moderate breed dogs (Mulligan et al. 1998), owing mostly to the fact that their teeth (especially the articulator number one molar) are big indium symmetry to their mandible atomic number 49 comparison to large multiply dogs (Figure 18 A & b) (Gioso et aluminium. 2003). Therefore, modest multiply dogs have a real token add up of bone apical to the tooth root, putting this area at senior high school risk of break when periodontic bone loss occurs. Diagnosis is majors for dentist only possible with alveolar skiagraphy.

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