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Based along a recent RCT, the longevity of Class I compomer restorations In primary dentition was not statistically different compared to amalgam, but compomers were establish to need alternate more oft due to recurrent dental caries. 46 In Class II compomer restorations indium primary dentition, the risk of developing secondary coil caries and failure did non increase o'er a two-yr period of time in primary molars. 54,93 Compomers also have reported like nonsubjective public presentation to composite plant with respect to color matching, cavo- dentist in tijuana reddit come up discoloration, anatomical take shape, and unprofitable integrity and secondary caries. 94,95 Most RCTs showed that compomer tends to take meliorate physical properties compared to glass ionomer and rosin modified glaze ionomer cements and indium primary teeth, just no significant difference was establish in cariostatic personal effects of compomer compared to these materials. 49,93,96

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